Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Dresden Files

Lately I have been listening to The Dresden Files, a series written by Jim Butcher. Listening to audio-books is a great way to plough through a series of novels that are not too poetic or difficult. The Dresden Files are mystery novels set in the real world but with magic in it, Real-Fi (I must admit that I love the category name) it is called.

I really like the main character of Mr. Butchers novels, Harry Dresden. He is as far from a perfect hero as a hero can be. Sometimes I think ”oh, no don’t do that you stupid...”, but he still does it and it always changes the story into something less linear and more interesting. Harry is an old fashioned gentleman as well, appealing to my feminine side... and annoying my feminist side. But to his defence, Harry Dresden is well aware of his chivalry being a double edged sword and that makes it sort of ok.

I am not going to bother with any summarizes, I have listened to 9 out of 13 novels so far and each novel is as complicated as any other mystery novel. The Dresden Files novels plots are different each time (except from the women that needs protection...) and that is an art with such a long series.

As a reader you are always introduced to new people without it being mind-boggling or confusing. And there are some supporting characters who all are lovely in their own way, making the story progress in different directions when they appear. They function like anchors in the fast-paced, battle-filled and totally crazy storylines, bringing some stability and humour in their interaction with Harry.

I like these novels. I am not expecting them to be something they are not, they are easy to comprehend, witty and action-ridden. It is great for doing dishes, working out and other boring things that needs a little spice to become fun. Do not get me wrong, the novels are not simple, I can never guess what happens next in the storyline. The plots are intricate and teasing, I do more dishes and increase my exercise just so that I have an excuse for listening some more. And that is a good thing. A very good thing and a compliment to the series ability to entertain.

I recommend all who like mystery novels or real-fi to listen to these books, the guy reading them is awesome, definitely a first class voice actor who make the story even better. And if you fall a little bit in love with the main character, then I do not blame you. You will be in good company.